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November 11 - December 23

The exhibit is an introduction (NEW•VIEWS) to three
new artist at Gallery4 with paintings, photograpy, and sculpture from the studios of Dora Atwater Millikin, Deb Ehrens, and Eric Dennard. At the same time, and after a 10 decade relationship, the exhibit offers an opportunity to view an expanded selection of works by Harry Nadler (RE•VIEWS).

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Dean Richardson, Cy Young, oil on canvas, 20x24

August 12 - October 29, 2017

As a formidable advocate for contemporary arts, Virginia Lynch brought her vision and passion to her prestigious Tiverton Four Corners gallery. GALLERY4 presents a gathering of 19 artists from the 20 plus years of this venerable institution featuring Dean Richardson, Thomas Sgouros, Gretchen Dow Simpson, plus Joseph Alexander, David Barnes, Bryson Burroughs, Eric Dennard, Hazard Durfee, Walter Horak, Gregory Kammerer, Molly Luce, Gayle Wells Mandle, Denny Moers, Harry Nadler, Helen Sturges Nadler, Anthony Russo, Miriam Scott, Mark Wholey, Joseph Wheelwright through October 29th.

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Click here for a review in the Providence Journal by Channing Gray, August 24, 2017

The Power of Paper
Summer 2017 - thru July 30

Art, innovation and paper collide in THE POWER OF PAPER, a captivating exhibition highlighting traditional and non-traditional works on and of paper—oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography and sculpture featuring Jaynie Crimmins, Bobbi Carrey, Susan Freda, Gay Gillies, John Irwin, Joan Jardine, Harry Nadler, Helen Sturges Nadler, James Robbins, Scott Williams Brenda Wrigley Scott and Susan Strauss. Thru July 30th.

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ab•stracts & ar•ti•facts
Fall exhibit 2016

A captivating fusion of expressionist and geometric abstract painting and works on paper from the studios of celebrated artists Harry Nadler, Peter Stroud and Joan Jardine. Discover fine relics and ancient artifacts in earthenware, pottery and ceramics from Silk Road Traders and Olde China Trader. Also, unique, contemporary offerings in wood, stone, metals and textiles from the work rooms of Paula Stebbins Becker, Cecilia DelGaudio, Susan Freda, Gay Gillies and Bradford McDougall. Thru December 23, 2016

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Click here for Artscope review by Suzanne Volmer

Nature Preserved
Summer exhibit 2016

... an inspiring collection by six exceptional artists
interpreting the beauty and wonder found in nature, preserved forever through the artists’ individual vision and creativity. A portion of proceeds from sales will go to supporting the Tiverton Land Trust.

Artist represented in this exhibit are: Susan Freda, Gay Gillies, Ruth Hamill, Joan Jardine, Brad McDougall, Susan Strauss.

Cast of Creatives ... an Artful Summer,
Summer exhibit 2015

This exhibition features the works of fourteen celebrated artists from throughout the Northeast in an evocative display of styles and disciplines including oil, encaustic, ink, pastels and mixed media in addition to a truly unique array of life-sized to smaller scaled and wall sculpture.
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Harry Nadler exhibit wall 2011 HARRY NADLER
Mr. Nadler (1930-1990) worked in Amagansett, LI and Albuquerque, New Mexico. He recently showed at the David Findlay Gallery in New York. He is in numerous permanent collections including The Guggenheim, NY, Albuquerque Museum, Storm King Art Center, NY, and the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Please call the gallery ahead of time if you would like to veiw paintings of Harry Nadler.

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Susan Freda is a sculptor and jeweler known for her organic, ephemeral, and intricate style. She employs form, light, and line as vehicles to create her airy, kinetic, and luminescent pieces. Her work is recognized for its unusual processes, signature weaving, and for its delicate and exquisite craftsmanship.

Susan has exhibited in the US, Canada, England and Italy. Her shoe and dress forms have been collected and presented at NY Fashion Week, Stuart Weitzman, Neiman Marcus, Fidelity Investments, Meditech, Ferragamo, Cirque du Soleil, and by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery. Her work is included in the collection of the Museo Italo Americano of San Francisco, and in numerous private as well as corporate collections. (click to view site)

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