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Late Virginia Lynch’s discerning eye on display in must-see exhibit in Tiverton
The Providence Journal | by Ghanning Gray | August 23, 2017

Her gallery managed for two decades to set the bar when it came to art
around Rhode Island.

As art galleries sprung up overnight and withered just as quickly during the 1980s and 1990s, the venerable
Virginia Lynch Gallery managed for two decades to set the bar when it came to art around here.

A tough-as-nails Texan with a discerning eye, Lynch filled her modest space in Tiverton’s quaint Four Corners section with the work of artists who were more likely to be found in New York than rural Rhode Island.

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It's all on Paper - Feel the Power at Gallery 4
Artscope | by Suzanne Volmer | July - August 2017

“The Power of Paper,” at Gallery 4 at Historic Tiverton Four Corners through July 30, includes works on paper created by 12 artists. Conceived by Chas. Hickey in collaboration with Elaine Hill and Alix Campbell, this exhibition is weighted toward small and mid-range artworks. (Click to read more)


Abstracts and Artifacts - Coming Together in Tiverton
Artscope | by Suzanne Volmer | November - December 2016

“ab•stracts & art•i•facts,” the current exhibition at Gallery 4 in Tiverton, Rhode Island, blends artworks by eight contemporary artists with ancient and classic artifacts. The gallery occupies the main floor of a yellow clapboard building at the town’s historic main intersection. Tiverton is an off-thebeaten-path kind of place situated between Boston and Newport on the map, and getting there by land involves driving along some idyllic scenic byways. It’s a seaside town that rambles, and its core is an intimate cluster of shops known for antiques and contemporary art. Weathered grey shingles are a staple of the region, so the gallery’s yellow façade presents a perk of subtle color in the landscape.

Gallery 4 has a surrounding lawn that it utilizes to exhibit sculpture. A horse and other outdoor sculptures made of welded steel or aluminum by Brad McDougall welcome patrons and act as a conversation starter while serving as a visual assistant to newcomers in finding the gallery. (Click to read more)


Tiverton Land Trust - "An Artfull Alliance"
Tiverton Land Trust Newsletter | Summer 2016

... The exhibition portrays the vision and character of nature interpreted and preserved forever through the creative eyes of artist.
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Complimentary Artist - Gallery4 in Tiverton brings creatives together
The Bay | July 29, 2014

Around the bend from the frozen splendor of legendary Gray’s Ice Cream hangs a very warm public invitation. Gallery 4 at Tiverton Four Corners has opened an exhibit called Trio: Texture, Structure, Passion, bringing together the work of three contemporary artists who merge visions, each evoking strong images in uniquely bold styles. It is all things ocean, air and light, free and open to the public for sumptuous viewing through September 7. (click to read more)


Trio @ Gallery 4
Discover Rhode Island Style | July 2014

An auspicious numerical figure, three is often a representation of balance, harmony, and completion. The newest exhibit at Gallery4 expresses the essence of these attributes with elegance and cohesion. The works of three bold contemporary artists, Ruth Hamill, Susan Strauss, and Harry Nadler are on display in a brilliant showcase of color and imagery... (click to read more)

Head For The Border: Westport, Mass. & Tiverton, RI
Artscope - Wanderlust: South MA, East RI | July/August 2014

Just south and southeast of the old Massachusetts industrial mill city of Fall River are the border towns of Tiverton, Rhode Island and Westport, in the Bay State. The two have much in common beyond a shared town line as visual pastoral paradises, with more than a few working farms, that give way to stunning views of rivers, estuaries and the ocean. They also share a combined cultural community of excellent galleries, working studios, musical venues and fine restaurants that would delight any visiting connoisseur of the arts. (click to read more)

  New Exhibit is "A Feast for the Eyes"
Discover Rhode Island Style | July 2013

Gallery owner Bob Smith got it right when he said the newest exhibit at Gallery4 is “a feast for the eyes.” The works featured at “6@4″ present a fascinating exploration of color, contrast, and form, palatable to the senses and pleasing to behold. The exhibit features six local artists:
Joseph Edwards Alexander, Victoria McGeoch, Susan Strauss, Gedas Paskauskas, Mark Wholey, and Harry Nadler, each dynamic in their own right. (Click to read more)
  Vist the "Tiverton Four Corners" You Tube channel - Click here to veiw
  A Fitting Arrangement
Discover Rhode Island Style | March 2013

There’s something new downstairs from Gallery 4…not to mention something old, borrowed, and blue. Arn Krebs has recently taken up shop, alongside Susan Freda, in a new space devoted to their fine jewelry creations, making heads turn and newly-wed hands sparkle. In their shared, full-service jewlery shop, Arn makes beautiful custom wedding and engagement bands in a variety of styles and metal combinations... (click to read more)

Announcing "Quartet: Harmony and Dissonance" at Gallery4
Discover Rhode Island Style | July 1, 2012

Solo exhibitions can unearth the unbound essence of an artist –their process, foundation, nourishment, and growth– with intensity and valor. While this earnest presentation of art is often liberating, a selective group exhibition can likewise illuminate new waves of understanding. So is the case with a new foursome exhibition at Gallery4 on Main Rd. in Tiverton Four Corners where Turkish slippers, fine jewelry, and wall-sized canvases flourish together side-by-side. Here four prominent south coast-area women have been chosen to exhibit their work in a showing titled, "Quartet: Harmony and Dissonance," which will run through August 12th, exposing not only the depth of each female artist, but the "harmony and dissonance" between them. (click to read more)
Antiques And The Arts Weekly | November 11, 2011

TIVERTON FOUR CORNERS, R.I. – In 1971, the Louvre exhibition "Bain turc d'ingres" paid homage to Ingres's famous odalisque paintings and their influence on Modern art. The exhibit included works by Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, Man Ray and three paintings by a young American artist, Harry Nadler... (click to read more)


Helen Sturges Nadler Shares Her Late Husband's Life and Legacy
Tiverton-Little Compton Patch | November 8, 2011

Tiverton native's artwork seen all over the world, including the famous Louvre. Tiverton resident Helen Sturges Nadler paused when she begin talking about her late husband Harry Nadler's life and career as she sat in Gallery 4 on Sunday in Tiverton Four Corners surrounded by her late husband's legacy... (click to read more)


Art New England | September/October 2011

Susan Freda works in a variety of media –sculptures, prints, jewelry, shoes, wire, baskets, etc. – virtually simutaneously. What binds her disparate a prodigious output together is how the pieces share common information so they can be viewed along a continuum... (Click to read more)


Wanderer Made a Home
Discover FARMCOAST | August 3, 2011

Wander Imports had a serendipedous beginning. While buying a pair of Turkish slippers for a friend, Dartmouth native Bob Smith happened upon Elaine Hill…who happened to be looking for a partnering gallery owner for a new adventure of her own. "Here we are 8 years later," says Bob, who is now apart of the 4-person owned and operated "Gallery 4" in Tiverton Four Corners. The gallery has become a merging of worldly art, including Turkish textiles imported by Elaine Hill and Alix Cambell, wire-designed jewelry by Sue Freda, and Bob's beautifully indigenous collection aptly named, Wanderer Imports... (Click to read more)


Inspired by: A Traveling Pair of Women, and the Souls of their Shoes.
Discover Rhode Island STYLE | August 2011

It wasn't long after she walked into Gallery4, that Alix Cambell fell in love…with a rug. A beautiful deep red rug that made her heart flutter and mind race thinking of the possibilities. But then, she was just a customer…
Long before Gallery4–when the space was just an engineering firm– another love was born. Elaine Hill was living a childhood dream, flying around the world as a flight attendant and making regular, international stops, her favorite of which was from New York to Turkey... (click to read more)


Bringing Back The Elephants
Discover Rhode Island STYLE | August 2011

Years ago Bob Smith stumbled upon a village of elephants in Thailand. Not just any village of elephants, this one happened to house the talented variety. At the Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang, Thailand, elephants learn to paint, and do a pretty good job. With the help of "mahouts," or elephant caregivers, the animals produce a variety of masterpieces including paintings of themselves, trees, flowers, and a crowd favorite: colorful abstracts... (click to read more)


Discover Rhode Island STYLE | August, 2011

To capture the essence of something remarkable is the work of an artist; to be able to pass on these glimpses of experience, emotion and reality is the lucid mark of a great one. Harry Nadler, one of the distinctive abstract expressionists of his time has made his mark on art communities around the world and continues to inspire ... (Click to read more)


A Fitting Arrangement
Discover Rhode Island Style | August 2011

There's something new downstairs from Gallery 4…not to mention something old, borrowed, and blue. Arn Krebs has recently taken up shop, alongside Susan Freda, in a new space devoted to their fine jewelry creations, making heads turn and newly-wed hands sparkle. In their shared, full-service jewlery shop, Arn makes beautiful custom wedding and engagement bands in a variety of styles and metal combinations that can only be described as beautifully…handsome. (click to read more)


Discover Rhode Island Style | July 2011

Susan Freda was born to make art. For some people, it just happens that way. Growing up with curious mind, and curious hands, she eventually received a BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, and went on to receive her Master's degree at Mass Art. Now, Sue's natural affinity for conceptual design has gained her local and international recognition... (Click to read more)

Susan Freda's Wearable Sculptures at Couture Fashion Week
Wearable Art Blog | February 12, 2010

While New York Fashion Week may get more publicity, Couture Fashion Week is taking place in New York on February 12-14. Couture Fashion Week showcases the work of independent designers who don't work for the major fashion houses but who still create some pretty amazing collections. One of the many events taking place at Couture Fashion Week is a fine art display... (Click to read more)


SHAKE IT: Gallery 4 sets its focus on an exhibition of almost instant artwork
by By Linda Murphy, Special to The Herald News | Aug 29, 2010 @ 12:21 AM

Tiverton — For those who grew up in Polaroid’s heyday, peeling off the backing of the instant photo held the same wonder as applying a prize tattoo from a Crackerjack box: You expected an image, but weren’t sure how it would turn out ... (Click to read more)


Photographer’s story is tied to Ansel Adams — and the history of Polaroid film
interview with Paul Caponigro by Alex Beam for the BOSTON GLOBE
| August 26, 2010

Q. You are a famous black-and-white photographer and practitioner of Ansel Adams’s zone system of exposure. What led you to work with Polaroid films?
A. I first met Adams during a cross-country trip with Minor White in 1959. We wound up on the California coast ... (Click to read more)


Polaroid’s glory days exposed - Exhibit reveals experimentation in the medium
By Cate McQuaid Globe Correspondent | August 18, 2010

In June, Sotheby’s in New York auctioned off more than 1,000 photographs from the Polaroid Corp.’s collection of some 15,000 images, housed largely in Somerville. The auction, precipitated by a bankruptcy court order, featured images by Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, and Chuck Close, among other giants. At close to $12.5 million, sales outstripped Sotheby’s estimates ... (click to read more)


Tiverton exhibit explores 'The Art of Polaroid'
by Alexis Hauk | South Coast Today | Aug 14, 2010

If Polaroid threw a birthday bash, their guests would include Ansel Adams, Lady Gaga, Lawrence Olivier, Hugh Laurie and Miss Piggy.
You see, the first two acted as creative advisors at wildly different periods in the company's lifespan, and the latter three helped market the company's magic film ... (click to read more)


20×24 Images in exhibit:
Thurs, July 29, 2010 Posted in - 20X24 IN THE NEWS

In the history of American photography, Edwin Land’s invention of Polaroid film in 1947 stands out as a profound influence on the work of many great photographers. As Polaroid technology evolved and was refined from the 50’s to the end of the 20th century... (click to read more)


Abstract treasures on display in Tiverton

The Providence Journal | July 30, 2009

Harry Nadler’s 1990 oil painting Broken Vessels #5 is on display at Gallery 4 in Tiverton Four Corners. When Tiverton’s Virginia Lynch Gallery closed in 2005, art lovers across New England reacted as if they’d just lost an old friend. And why not? For nearly 30 years, the gallery founded by visionary art dealer Virginia Lynch served up a steady diet of serious, museum-worthy exhibits featuring a Who’s Who of contemporary art — everyone from superstar glassmaker Dale Chihuly to cutting-edge portraitist Chuck Close to famed photographers Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind. Now another Tiverton gallery may be picking up where the Virginia Lynch Gallery left off...
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Retrospective exhibit "Geometric Abstraction" features work by Harry Nadler (1930 - 1990)

TIVERTON, RI — Gallery 4 of Tiverton 4 Corners is pleased to present the first exhibit of Harry Nadler's work since a solo show at New York's David Findlay Gallery in 2006. This remarkable retrospective of work done by one of the great abstract expressionists ... (click to read more)


The Elephants Return to Gallery 4 | July 2009

Three years ago, Bob Smith, co-owner of Gallery 4 in Tiverton Four Corners, went to Thailand and discovered a nature preserve where the elephants actually paint pictures! Yes, elephants making paintings! Utterly charmed by their work, Smith purchased several of the paintings for the Gallery.
The exhibit sold out in two weeks! The exhibit of Elephant Paintings in 2007 met with similar success. Now, the elephants are back for their third season at Gallery 4... (click to read more)

Don't turn your trunk up at these paintings

TIVERTON — The works of some of the world’s biggest artists will be on display this week at a local gallery. Standing over eight feet tall and weighing in at 10,000 pounds apiece, a group of talented elephants from Thailand have been trained to paint. This past spring, Gallery 4 owner Bob Smith recently made his fourth trip to Thailand, bringing back some of the pachyderms’ prized portraits. They will be on display at Gallery 4 beginning... (click to read more)


Art | | The Providence Journal

... Rhode Island art scene and local artists, events, galleries, ... All things wood, stone, glass and wire at Gallery 4. 01:00 AM EDT on Sunday, September 3, 2006 ...
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